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Amit’s a familiar face (and voice) on TV and radio

A personable and multi-skilled broadcaster with experience presenting for TV and radio, hosting podcasts and providing voiceovers, Amit is also a regular guest on local and national news. Amit brings his lively, engaging and straight talking perspective to the day’s biggest issues and can provide specialist input across a breadth of topics, including: medicine, race, disability awareness, diversity and inclusion and dog welfare.

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Not Another Mummy Podcast / Dr Amit Patel On Losing His Sight, Rebuilding His Life & Becoming A Dad
A poster with a photo of Amit & Kika with the words 'Insights into INSIGHT Heath Data Research Hub'
A Dog's Life with Anna Webb with Dr Amit Patel and Kika Guide Dog
Dadvengers Podcast Ep 12 Dr Amit Patel

To work with Amit or have him speak at your event, follow the link below:

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