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Consultancy & Motivational Speaking

Is it time for you to see things differently?

Amit believes that education is central to improving awareness and understanding of disability and the challenges that disabled people face daily. Amit can provide bespoke diversity, equity and inclusion training for businesses and brands, advise on accessibility or work with you to address specific challenges within your business. 

Amit has experience of providing consultancy, guidance and running workshops for a range of different sized businesses across the financial services, legal, tech, arts and transport sectors.

Amit is a passionate and inspiring motivational speaker. In his keynotes he takes audiences from laughter to tears and back to laughter again, bringing them with him on a heartfelt journey of change and determination. As a role model within the ethnic minority and disabled communities, Amit can speak articulately and from experience on the intersection of race, class and disability. Amit speaks frequently on the topics of mental health, coping with lifechanging situations and overcoming the challenges that life may throw at you. 

Amit dressed in an evening suit stands at a lecturn delivering a keynote.


"Amit Patel was incredible,… genuinely humbling, inspirational and strangely life-affirming."

"Dr Amit Patel’s talk in particular touched me – a real tear-jerker which set the scene so well and shows that we can all do so much more to better society."

"70% of attendees rated your keynote as the session which most inspired them the most."

To work with Amit or have him speak at your event, follow the link below:

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